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A valuable piece of "Old Vienna"

The Mailberger Hof's history reaches back to the 14th century. Originally the house was composed of two gothic gable houses which in the 17th century were converted to a small baroque palace complete with horse stables, coach house and its own chapel.
While conserving its baroque appearance this old palace was successfully recast as a first class hotel which was opened in 1976. Since the 15th century the house is owned by the order of the knights of Malta, the Hospitallers. The first residence of the knights of Malta in Austria was Mailberg, a small town near the Czech border. This is why the hotel was named Mailberger Hof. The entire building is classified a historical monument and is under preservation order.A baroque fresco dating from the 17th century, uncovered during reconstruction in 1974. It can be seen at the first floor of our Hotel.